About us

We are WoodPro - Joinery & Interior Professionals

To put it out there simply - we are a diverse bunch of wood-a-holics, carpenters, renovators, and craftsmen with combined 10 years of experience who are on a journey to make living spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and practical. We bring the skill, knowledge, sourcing, and connections to collaborate with our customers into creating something that goes beyond the everyday living spaces we see. We are into handcrafted furniture and bespoke interiors.

Much of our time is spent building relationships as well as renovating physical spaces. We understand the leap of faith customers take to trust us with their projects, so we seek to earn that trust with transparency, respect, and dependability. We have had loyal customers who have worked with us continuously over and over again.

Our abilities as woodworkers expand to every room and meet any need - whether the customer requires a more organized space, to add an elegant table to their office, make the kitchen cabinet of their dreams or an entire interior overhaul, Wood Pro can guarantee to create a product that they will love.


The care and honesty with which we treat our clients, team, and each other to translate into high-quality precision work that exceeds expectations and leaves everyone feeling good about a job well done.


To be one of the leading brands in the Maldivian interior industry by building on the little things we hold close - our core values & to leave a mark wherever we go through our specialty of customizing furniture.

Our Core Values

Always one of a kind

We are very different from each other; our needs would be too. So dig deep into the client’s personality and find out what exactly he/she is looking for. Make sure no two projects are ever the same. Be it design, the type of wood, or the finish. Put your talent of customization into play. Challenge yourself continuously to create something unique and very special.

A Legacy of Quality

Maximum quality effort is required everyday by everyone. From the first cut to the last finish - it is our priority to see it through properly. Use high quality wood products and kick it up a notch to exceed our customer’s expectations for quality, service, and value. At the end of a project, there will be no better feeling than knowing that you created a “piece of art” that could be used by generations to come.

Master Craftsmanship

Give your customers the complete package. The secret to becoming number one is not just in the products that you deliver but in the small little big things that you do for your customer. Your actions can change the game. Observe the golden rule and treat all others as we would want to be treated. Carry an open mind, strive to be innovative, honour your words, and act with integrity and transparency at all times.  

What we do

It is much more than just our job; it's our passion too.

Our current customer base utilizes our skills in joinery wood works and interior building and keeps us on our toes as they give us the opportunity to juggle between residential, commercial, hotel, and resort projects. One more thing about our entire team is that we love crafting and creating the space for wood lovers to share their passion, so we do sell our crafted furniture and joinery supplies as well!

Who we are

Let’s start at the beginning

Wood Pro began when two goals of two great builders aligned together.

Our core values and consistency have been key to our success, followed by the word-of-mouth referrals received through social media. In our short journey, we have completed over hundreds of projects leaving behind good memories and a special mark on every client that we have come across.  

The Crafting Process

Say hello to our creative process, one which gets the job done right!

Step 1 - Develop

Upon receiving an inquiry from a customer, we will schedule an appointment to get to know more about the project and inspect the site to develop their idea and bring it to light.

Step 2 - Design

Next the customer's vision is transformed into precise, detailed mock-ups and refined scaled shop drawings. Based on the drawings we calculate and present an offer which is passed to the customer for approval.

Step 3 - Details

Once confirmed, we attend to do a final measurement at the site and reconfirm all details with the customer. Undergoing a carpentry or home renovation project is a stressful endeavor so we make sure to keep customers in the work loop and provide them with a timeline.

Step 4 - Done

Final step is the one which both the customers and the team enjoy the most. Assembling is carried out with utmost care and a hassle-free approach to keep the site clean and safe. Upon completion, we will carry out a deep cleaning of the site to make sure everything is perfect.